Your precision tool is in good hands with IGUTENSILI Sharp&Go. Your Tool will be returned with its original sharpness, coating and geometry, as if it was new and ready for use with almost 100% performance compared to a new tool.
Reduce costs by reusing your tool, take advantage of the new Sharp & Go service. Sharpening and regeneration service at IGUTENSILI plays an important role in the management of standard and special design tools, both for direct users and resellers.

Original sharpness
• IGUTENSILI is able to perform sharpening and regeneration operations respecting the original geometries of the tool, according to the technicalities of the primary manufacturer.

Original coating
• This helps grinded tools to reach almost 100% performance compared to a new tool.

Transparent and inexpensive prices
 • We will provide you with a price list and a dedicated discount sheet.

• High standard of security while working on the tool. We apply identical parameters to those for new tools.
• Reduction of production costs and tool costs
• Reduced tool inventory thanks to dynamic service
• Ease of use thanks to the Sharp & Go sharpening kit

Delivery times
• Our standard delivery time is 15 working days, excluding tools with special geometries or special coatings that have a different delivery timelines.

• During grinding all the tools are marked guaranteeing the total traceability of the product during all the processing phases.

High-performance tools with specific geometries and coatings, are now in good hands!
To ensure a safe transport of your tools, we will provide you with a grinding box.

You can request your grinding box quickly and free of charge:

1 . You will receive the Sharp & Go kit consisting of two gray boxes

2 . Just call IGUTENSILI at the number 052 269 352 3-201 or write to to book the pick up of your material.

3 . Within 24h / 48h the grinding kit will be delivered by express courier.

4 . While we take care of your tools, you can use the second gray box to collect the tools to be sent for grinding later on.

5 . After the grinding process, tools will be returned by courier in the IGUTENSILI packaging.

6 . By using this service you will be entitled to a considerable extra discount on the grinding price list.



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