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Sharp & Go – professional tool regrinding for maximum durability and performance.

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  • Integrated production skills.
  • Qualifiedexpert team.
  • Timelines and quality certified and guaranteed.


Free evaluation

Weapply maximum care when checking, regrinding and returningyourtools. Beforestartingour work, we check the convenience of re-sharpeningbased on the state of usage of the tool. Tools thathaven’tbeenregrinded due to the excessivewear,will be returned to you with no extra charges.


Werestore the quality of your tools.

Your precision tool will be returned with theoriginalshape, coating and geometry, with almost 100% SHELF LIFE COMPARED TO A NEW TOOL.


The advantages

Maximum performance from your tools, thanks to ourbest NC sharpening machines, guaranteeofquality and long-lasting work. Youwillget the same working parametersas the original tool and tool-life close to new, saving up to 85% of the cost by choosingIGUTENSILI regrinding service.

The longeryoumaintain the quality of the tip or cutter, the greaterare yourcost savings:

  • Reduction of storage costs and invested capital.
  • Greater stock availability.
  • Very short regrinding times and maximum processsafety.

Thisisexactlywhatweguaranteewhenyouentrustus with your tools.

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  • Simplifiedwithdraw and delivery service.
  • Time saving and problemreduction.
  • Itallowsyou to concentrate on yourwork, whileweprovideyou with the best tool.


Competitive and transparent prices

  • Simple and intuitive price list.
  • Youwillreceiveourofferbeforewe start the work.



IGUTENSILI isable to performsharpeningoperationswhilemaintaining the originalgeometries of the tool, according to the technical specifications of the primarymanufacturer.

  • More performance thanks to increased feeds and speeds of our machines.
  • Longer tool life.
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Uponrequest, it’spossible to receive a measurementprotocolthatrecordesthe following measurements:

  • Beamaccuracy;
  • Precision of the cutter diameter;
  • Position and shape of the steps;
  • Size and position of the bevels- and much more.



Aspecific label isapplied to the case whichreports the type of tool and itsnominaldiameter.

  • Quick recognition of your tools;
  • Ideal for TOOL MANAGMENT systems;
  • Available for all tools.


Itispossible to request the RE-SHARPENING BOX quickly and for free

> by writing to ordini@igutensili.com or by calling 052 269 352 3-201


Our price list
Here youwillfind more information on the tool sharpening / regrinding service, the list of tools in our portfolio and their prices.

Do nothesitate to contact us for more information:

Sharpening Service

Tel: +39 052 269 352 3-201

E-Mail: ordini@igutensili.com

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Or sendusyour tools:


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