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Electroerosion Tools

ELECTROEROSION / ELECTRODES tools speciallydesigned.

IGUTENSILI offers a very wide range of solutionsstudied for ELECTROEROSION, designing and manufacturing ELECTRODES in electrolyticcopper – oxygen free copper – oxygen free copper HCP – tungstencopper CUW 25/75 – silver tungsten – berylliumcopper CuCo2Be (B1) C17500 DIN 17666, CuBe2 (B2) C17200 DIN 17666 – Copper ChromiumZirconium CuCr1Zr UNI-EN 12165 – Special bronzes: alloy B108, alloy B201, alloy B205, exploitingdifferent production technologies by modelingINTEGRATED tools.

Whychoose a special drawing tool for ELECTROEROSION:

Thisiswhat makes these custom tools so special.

Some industrial sectorsserved:

  • Automotive sector
  • Aerospaceindustry
  • Engineering
  • Hydraulic / Hydraulic
  • Medical
  • Nautical
  • Turbines / Energy

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Electroerosion Tools